Champions Karate Reviews

Champions Karate Alec N.

Both of our kids have really got into this sport. We have tried other sports but they cannot stay focus. Here they are very focused and motivated to learn. We have looked into other martial arts schools and they are not well structured in teaching the students proper manners, good behavior, positive attitude, focus, morals, and confidence. Highly recommend! Great place and environment to be in!

Alec N.

Champions Karate Jennifer D.

My son loves learning here. The instructors and master are amazing. They are very into what they do for the kids. Every month they have a family event and parents night out... I know they put their heart and soul into what they do. I could not imagine taking my child anywhere else!

Jennifer D.

Champions Karate Stanley P.

Amazing Karate/Hapkido studio.  I especially recommend it if you have a young child that wants to learn martial arts in a family orientated environment.  Master Muttart is patient, friendly, and caring.  I genuinely feel he does this solely for the benefit of his students.  All the other instructors are really good as well.  My son loves going to class and it has helped him so much with regards to manors, focus, and his self-esteem.

In reference to a previous negative review, I read I can personally attest that not a single word is true.  I attend all my son's classes and test days (3 times a week).  I wouldn’t trust the instructors with my little ones if I didn’t have confidence they always do the right thing.

Stanley P.

Champions Karate Yan C.

Awesome school for karate! My sons have been going there for 4+ years. My older son just earned his 1st-degree black belt and my younger one is on his way there. They both love the place and the people there. It's not just the martial arts they learn, but also the art of life and character building. This place is the best!

Yan C.

Champions Karate Greg C.

I have had good experiences with this place and stuck around for many years all the way to the 3rd degree black belt. My older brother went here, I currently go here and my little brother joined here too. This is a great place for kids to learn discipline and respect.

Greg C.

Champions Karate Priscilla R.

Love everyone here! My girls go here, I go here! Its been almost 3 years, and we still get plenty of attention and help, not like many other studios with overflowing students issue. 

This place not only has great vibes, but really run by great people, who are true martial arts experts, and high level in morality. Don't we want to learn great things from the great people? I'm so grateful I'm part of this family.

Priscilla R.

Champions Karate Eric P.

awesome instructors, really appreciate the strong values they teach (confidence, discipline, hard work, respect etc.) and the enthusiasm they bring every day!

Eric P.

Champions Karate Erica M.

My son and I love Champions Karate! All around great in everything! Thank you Champions!

Erica M.

Champions Karate Miranda M.

These guys teach Respect, self-confidence, and Karate to young impressionable children with a lot of patience!

Miranda M.

Champions Karate Benjamin P.

I learned a lot in just one session. I believe they have the knowledge to self-protection. Traditional dojo.

Benjamin P.

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