Self-Defense Classes In Monrovia

Learn Effective Self-Defense Skills For Any Situation

Hapkido is truly one of the most effective self-defense skills known to man. It can help you stay safe in any situation by teaching you how to redirect an opponent's energy into a controlled defense strategy. 

At Champions Karate, our Sef-Defense program is built around the style and we're excited to share it with everyone in Monrovia.

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Why Is Our Self-Defense Training Right For You? 

Nobody wants to need self-defense skills. It's scary to think about being caught in a situation of real-world violence. 

But it's better to be prepared than to be caught off guard.

Our Self-Defense Classes at Champions Karate can help you learn the art of Hapkido one step at a time. We focus on the real-world applications of kicking, striking, and joint manipulations. You'll quickly learn how to maintain balance and control in any position.

We're equipping men and women across Monrovia with:

  • Powerful kicking and close-range striking skills
  • Effective timing and self-defense strategies
  • Empty hand and weapons defenses 
  • Pressure point attacks and submission strategies

Our Self-Defense Classes In Monrovia Offer The Most Comprehensive Hapkido Instruction Around

Unlike a lot of brute force defense systems, Hapkido requires additional nuance and strategy beyond just indiscriminate striking. That's why our Self-Defense training at Champions Karate is introducing men and women across Monrovia to the guiding principles of the style. 

The Core Principle: Gain momentum from an opponent by moving in a natural manner to redirect the attack. 

The Water Principle: Maintain a fluid nature and defend with more than physical force. Flow with, over, and under an attacker to find the path of least resistance. 

The Power Principle: The act of non-resistance, this principle teaches practitioners not to muscle their way through every encounter. 

Take The First Step! Learn The Best Self-Defense In Monrovia!

Don't miss out on everything we have to offer at Champions Karate in Monrovia. Our Self-Defense system is second-to-none and we're proud to offer it to everyday men and women all across our community.

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