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Hapkido Instruction Sierra Madre

Hapkido is a Korean martial art that focuses on the redirection of your opponent’s energy. This principle makes it easy for both men and women of all ages and ability to learn and use its techniques.

The Philosophy behind the practice

Hapkido is far more than just a style of fighting. It is a way to understand oneself and the world. The word Hapkido can be understood in English as “the way of coordinated power”.

This martial arts style is an eclectic Korean style of fighting and self-defense that includes movements like joint locks and joint manipulations, kicks, punches and pressure point attacks. It contains both long and short-range defensive and offensive movements and utilizes jumping kicks and other striking attacks such as the use of knees and elbows. Hapkido emphasizes control of the opponent through circular motion, non-resisting movements, and by conforming to the angle and energy of an attack and redirecting it. Weapons such as the sword, cane, short and middle length stick, staff, and even rope are part of the Hapkido arsenal.

Why study Karate?

At Champions Karate, we endeavor to not only impart the techniques of Hapkido but also its philosophy. True strength is not the ability to cause harm, but the ability to remain calm and resolute in the face of adversity.

When the people of Sierra Madre decide to learn Hapkido with Champions Karate they will learn:

  • Self-control
  • Balance
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Concentration

If you live in the greater Sierra Madre area and are interested in taking a class with us then please feel free to contact us through phone or email. We look forward to training with you.